Yogini Yoga Workshop

Durango Mountain Institute

Female Red Tent Gathering: A Yogini Yoga Workshop
A new moon women's yoga circle for females of all ages. Specially tailored yoga sequences and pranayama/meditation techniques invite us to understand and make sense of our energies and natural rhythms of our monthly moon cycles. The Red Tent is an opportunity to explore the sacred gifts of the feminine as we together learn to ensure balance within our cycles.You will have a chance to ask questions and discuss the topics of menstration cycles, menopause, peri and post menopause as well as female health and sexuality. Leave with a personal home yoga practice guide for any time of the month guide and feminine cycle tips and tools, enjoy the benefits of holistic herbals teas and fill the belly with an organic moon cycle inspired lunch and recipes. So bring your yoga mat, an open mind, a journal and an empty belly as we celebrate the yogini and our relationship with our bodies, our planet, and our community! For more information visit: www.yogagrown.com   Investment: $45 || To register: email Rachael@yogagrown.com or call 978.500.8701