Located slopeside near Lift 4 (on the 2nd level of Village Center), Expert Edge has a full line of demo skis and snowboards for mountain enthusiasts, including the latest in fat skis, twin tips, carving skis and Venture & Burton Snowboards. Looking to purchase new skis or a snowboard? Expert Edge is the perfect place to "try before you buy."  Call for more information or if you have any questions:  (970) 385-2181.


Expert Edge has a great selection of products for sale, including the latest in skis, boots, bindings, poles, snowboards, goggles and ski luggage.

Featured Products

Mens:  SKIS:  Rossignol Soul 7, Volkl V-Werks Katana.  BOOTS:  Dalbello Panterra, Salomon X-Max 120.  BINDINGS:  Marker Lord, Salomon STH2 WTR13,
Women's:  SKIS:  Dynastar Cham 87, Nordica Hell's Belle's, Salomon Q88 Lux.  BOOTS:  Salomon X-Max 90 W, Lange XT 80 W.

Men's Skis   

Armada:  ARV Ti, Norwalk   
Dyastar:  Cham 87, Cham 97, Cham 107, Distorter, Slicer   
K2:  Rictor 90 XTI, Annex   
Nordica:  Burner, Steadfast, Hell & Back   
Rossignol:  Experience 83, Experience 88, Sin 7, Soul 7   
Salomon:  Enduro XT 800, Q 88, Q 98   
Volkl:  RTM 84, RTM 84 V-Werks, Kendo, Mantra, Katana V-Werks, One

Women's Skis:   

Armada:  Cantika, TST W   
Dynastar:  Cham 87, Neva 74, Neva 78   
K2:  Superstitous, SuperGlide, Misdemeanor   
Nordica:  Wild Belle, Hell's Belle   
Rossignol:  Temptation 82, Temptation 88, Sassy 7, Savory 7   
Salomon:  Q88 Lux, Q 96 Lumen   
Volkl:  Yumi, Kenja, Aura

Ski Bindings:   

Marker:  Lord, Griffon, Squire   
Salomon:  STH 13, STH 12, STH 10   
Rossignol:  Axial 120, Axium 110   
Look:  PX 12, PX 10, NX Exclusive

Ski Boots:   

Dalbello:  KR 2 fusion, Panterra 100, Boss   
Lange:  RX 120, RX 100 L.V., SX 120, SX 100   
Salomon:  X-Max 120, X-Pro 100   
Nordica:  Hell & Back H1, Cruise 110, Cruise 90   
Dalbello:  Kyra 85, Mantis 95   
Lange:  RX 90, XT 80, SX 80, SX 70   
Salomon:  X-Max 90, X-Pro 80   
Nordica:  Hell & Back H3, Cruise 85, Cruise 75


Venture:  Zelix, Storm   
Burton:  Custom X Flying V, Barracuda, Custom X, Day Trader (women's), Feelgood Flying V (women's)  


Goggles by Scott and Anon
Gloves by Swany
Expert Edge trucker hats, stickers & hoodies

Ski & Snowboard Demo Equipment

Demo Packages (skis, boots & poles)

Full Day $TBD
Half Day $TBD
Skis Only $TBD
Boots Only $TBD
Helmet $TBD

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